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Padiglione\Hall A7 Stand 087

We thank everyone who visited our stands. Great interest has been aroused by our products, especially regarding the plants for the production of craft beer. We will continue to put at your disposal in our offices, our expertise and professionalism to satisfy your needs.



Variable capacity tanks with flat bottom.



Variable capacity tanks with flat, inclined or conical bottom on welded stainless steel feet.



Conical with flat bottom ( available also without feet ), inclined botton ( available also without feet ) or conical bottom on welded stainless steel feet.


SC - thermo tank

Insulated tanks with conical or inclined bottom.


SC - fermentation tank

The fermentation tanks are equipped according to customer specifications with automatic extraction of marc, rotary diffuser, filtering grid, cooling/heating jacket, bars for delastage.


SC - superimposed tank

Tanks with a single structure but with 2 / 3 internal compartments that can contain different types of products.


SC - stacking tank

This article is suitable for customers who must store different types of product but also need to move the tanks.


Horizontal tank

These tanks are made conforming to the customer's needs and can be either with a single compartment or with various compartments.


Pneumatic press

The presses are created with open or closed cage. They are made entirely of stainless steel and standing on wheels.


Motorized rotary diffuser type A

Diffuser with rotary motor and Chinese hat system. Mechanism made for automatic and uniform spraying of the cap.


Motorized rotary diffuser type B

Rotary diffuser with motor reducer and blade system.


Diffuser rotating by flow reaction.

Rotary diffuser set in motion by reaction to the passage of liquid.