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Padiglione\Hall A7 Stand 087

We thank everyone who visited our stands. Great interest has been aroused by our products, especially regarding the plants for the production of craft beer. We will continue to put at your disposal in our offices, our expertise and professionalism to satisfy your needs.


factory view LAINOX was born in 1982 on the initiative of Bernardino Trinoli and Carlo Liberti, two talented skilled workers of the Terni steelworks The activity started in a small shed and it was centred on the production of small and medium capacity tanks for the storage of wine and oil, primarily destined to dealers specialised in agriculture. The will, the skill and, above all, the great dedication to work gave rise to success which grew exponentially. The "engine" of development has always been made up of the founders and what they transmitted to their children Fabrizio Trinoli, technical and commercial "soul" of the company, Luca Liberti, Chief of Production and Annalisa Liberti, Purchasing Manager. During the years various transfers were necessary in larger and larger structures up to the year 1995, when the company moved to its own current location with a production unit covered area of 3,000 sqm. and an area of 17,000 sqm. dedicated to the storage of raw materials and products. In a market-oriented logic the society has made the necessary changes in terms of technology and inserted new plants and equipment in the production process which enabled LAINOX to expand and improve the range of products. LAINOX got a better organisation and an administrative, logistic and commercial management, thanks to the inclusion of new professions, the qualification of technicians and employees, the collaboration of talented consultants and the computerisation of procedures. The increasing automation and computerisation of production processes and especially the skill and continuous training of production workers allowed to reach the goals set by the business development plans, increasing production efficiency in compliance with safety standards. Today LAINOX is a company that produces not only storage tanks but also partially and totally insulated tanks, food membrane presses, fermentation tanks, various machinery with higher technological content , up to complete "turnkey" cellars and automated plants for storage and mixing of edible oil industry. Besides the improvement of wine and oil sectors LAINOX is present in the craft beer industry, with the production of microbrewery plants, and has had experiences in the food sector, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. All the achievements have been possible thanks also to the preparation and motivation of the sales force in Italy and abroad which has proved capable of responding immediately to all customer requests. The richness of the range, the production quality and all pre-and post-sales services offered to customers have allowed the export of LAINOX products to Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and even Australia. LAINOX is an established brand everywhere and is today a modern, dynamic and forward looking company. A company that, in any stage of its business, has not forgotten its mission: to guarantee QUALITY, SERVICES and TECHNOLOGY to its customers.